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Foil Paper and Board

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Alufoil Products Co. provides aluminum foil board and foil paper in rolls that can be slit to width or in sheets that are cut to size and completely trimmed. As a leading converter of aluminum foil, our foil boards and papers have been serving a variety of industries with products in custom sizes, various weights, and a choice of bright silver or gold.

Aluminum foil board and foil paper consist of foil laminated to the coated side of a paper backing. The top-coated material is designed to accept an ink, making it suitable for litho, offset, or silk screen printing. Thicknesses vary and include 60#, 80#, and increments ranging from .008” to .020”. Lots may vary and as a service to our customers, we offer 8-1/2 X 11” samples to check for ink adherence, color match, or appearance. The following table lists all of our aluminum foil board and foil paper options. Use the Compare Items feature to find the product that best suits your needs and please feel free to contact us with additional inquiries.

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60#ASSXXXSV 60# Custom Brt Silver Sheet
80#ASSXXXSV 80# Custom Brt Silver Sheet
08PNSXXXSV .008" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
10PNSXXXSV .010" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
12PNSXXXSV .012" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
12PNSXXXSVYBR .012" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
16PNSXXXSV .016" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
18PXSXXXSV .018" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
18PNSXXXSVYBR .012" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
20PNSXXXSV .020" Custom Brt Silver Sheet
60#ASSXXXGL 60# Custom Brt Gold Sheet
08PNSXXXGL .008" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
10PNSXXXGL .010" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
12PNSXXXGL .012" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
16PNSXXXGL .016" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
18PXSXXXGL .018" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
20PNSXXXGL .020" Custom Brt Gold Sheet
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1