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Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Sheet

Alufoil leads the industry in aluminum foil converting and our aluminum foil & aluminum sheet products are used in a wide range of industries and products. Our extensive product line meets ASTM, QQ, and AMS standards and foils can be supplied as rectangular cut sheets that are interleaved with tissue or in rolls that are slit to width. We make these sheets and rolls in custom sizes as required by our customers.

Aluminum foil & aluminum sheets are made from alloys with either soft or hard properties and are available in numerous thicknesses. We have a product that will suit your needs. Our complete line of aluminum foil and aluminum sheet products is detailed in the table below. Please contact us for additional ...

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Confectioners Foil Cut Sheets, Small Rolls and Roll Foil

Designed to wrap small candies and sweets, Alufoil supplies confectioners foil to candy manufacturers and food service industries. We produce the foil in sheets that are ideal for hand wrapping applications and also in rolls that are suitable for machine wrapping applications. Rolls are custom slit to size.

Available in 20 colors and 5 printed festive patterns, we are confident that we will have confectioners foil that will showcase any food service preparation or event. Solid confectioners foil colors are .00045" thick and all--except black, white, and burgundy-- are available in a heavier weight of .0006”. Printed confectioners foil patterns are .0005" thick. Square sheets come in sizes from 3”x 3” to 12” x 12” with custom ...

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Food Service Foil

Food service foil is available in rolls or sheets to meet the needs of our customers. Aluminum foil is lightweight and protects food from outside elements while withstanding both hot and cold temperatures. These products suit food service applications with their ease of use and versatility.

Aluminum rolls are packaged in a carton that contains a serrated cutting edge and is offered in various thicknesses as standard duty (.0007”), heavy duty (.001”), and extra heavy duty (.0015”). We offer rolls in lengths of 500’ or 1,000’. Pre-cut sheets are packaged in cartons and sheets are separated with tissue paper. Heavy duty .001” thick sheets are packed 1,000 to a carton but are not pop-up dispensers. Red or gold 24” x 24” heavy duty sheets make the perfect wrapping for holiday hams. We also offer paper-backed foil sheets that are ideal for deli sandwiches, burgers, or wraps. Keeping foods hot or cold, these 12” x 15” wax-mounted foil sheets are packaged in cases of 2,000. All of our food service foils are available as custom orders.

Artists and Craft Foil

Alufoil’s artists & craft foil brings a new shine to creative projects. Supplied in rolls or cut sheets, our foil is suitable for use in many different applications. Colored aluminum foil, available in gold or copper, has a thickness of .0025”. Stock items include 4.5” x 20’, 9” x 30’, and 12” x 10’ rolls or 4.5" x 4.5" and 8" x 10" sheets. We will also produce custom-sized rolls or sheets per customer specifications.

Additional products in the artists & craft foil line include rolls or cut sheets of .005” thick soft aluminum foil. Rolls are supplied in sizes measuring 12” x 5’, 12” x 25’ 24” x 25’. Both rolls and cut sheets can be custom ordered. We also carry in-stock foil papers for origami. Colored foil paper for origami ...

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Highlighting Foil

Highlighting foil by Alufoil is an integral part of the beauty business. Used by cosmetologists to add natural looking highlights to hair, these colored foils are designed to keep the dye on a specific portion of hair by containing the dye within the foil. Salons and stylists often have a preferred size and thickness for their foils and we offer a large variety.

Our highlighting foil is available in 5 stock sizes. Custom sizes can also be ordered. Foils come in 18 colors in varying thicknesses. Standard foil is .00045” thick and is available in all colors; .0006” thick foil is available in all colors except black, white, and burgundy; and .001” thick foils are available in silver, gold, red, blue, and green. Pre-cut sheets are ...

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Foil Paper and Board

Alufoil Products Co. provides aluminum foil board and foil paper in rolls that can be slit to width or in sheets that are cut to size and completely trimmed. As a leading converter of aluminum foil, our foil boards and papers have been serving a variety of industries with products in custom sizes, various weights, and a choice of bright silver or gold.

Aluminum foil board and foil paper consist of foil laminated to the coated side of a paper backing. The top-coated material is designed to accept an ink, making it suitable for litho, offset, or silk screen printing. Thicknesses vary and include 60#, 80#, and increments ranging from .008” to .020”. Lots may vary and as a service to our customers, we offer 8-1/2 X 11” samples ...

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Inner and Overwrap Chocolate Bar Wrap

Our specialized foodservice foil products include inner and overwrap chocolate bar wrap. These food grade wraps are designed specifically with chocolatiers in mind. Providing protection and food safety, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our offerings.

Our inner and overwrap chocolate bar wrap consists of two distinct parts: the inner tissue wrap and the paper overwrap. The inner wrap is made of silver or colored foil that is wax mounted to 15# tissue paper. These wraps are stocked in 6” x 7”, 6” x 7.5”, 6” x 8”, 6” x 8.5” sizes and custom sizes are available for ordering. Inner wraps are packed in 1,000 sheet cartons. Overwraps are made up of silver or colored foil laminated to a 30# paper backing. We stock sizes of 6” x 7”, 6” x 7.5”, 6” x 8”, 6” x 8.5”. Custom sizes are always an available option. Packaging for the overwraps consists of 2 cartons of 500 sheets each. We would be happy to discuss the ideal solution for your products using our inner and overwrap chocolate bar wrap.

Pharmaceutical and Heat Seal Foil

At Alufoil, we understand the importance of high-quality pharmaceutical and heat seal foil products. Designed for the packaging industry, the heat seal foil we produce ensures that pharmaceutical products are safely and securely packaged. Made from .001” aluminum foil, the foil is available in sheets or rolls up through 24? in width.

Pharmaceutical and heat seal foil has a bright side and a dull side. The bright side is heat seal coated and the dull side is print-treat coated. All coatings and products are certified as food safe and meet USDA and FDA requirements for use in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Foil is supplied in custom width rolls on cores with a 3” inside diameter for use on specialized sealing machines. Precut sheets suit hand sealing processes and come interleaved with tissue paper and supplied in packages of 500 sheets. To learn more about our pharmaceutical and heat seal foil products, please contact us.

Gift Wrap & Displays

Our extensive line of gift wrap & displays foil will be sure to satisfy customers from all retail sectors. These lightweight colored foils are ideal and versatile to showcase gifts and displays. Our gift wrap & displays foil product line includes colored foil papers, embossed foil papers, colorcast papers, and printed and holographic foil papers.

We stock 30# paper-backed colored foil paper in 20 bright colors and 13 dull colors. Each can be embossed with a choice of 11 available patterns. Colorcast paper backed foil is stocked in 15 colors and is supplied plain or embossed. Printed foil is also paper backed and available in numerous colors and patterns, including holographs. Florists foil does not have any backing and can be ...

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